The new standard for digital transformation design documents

Business driven. Centralized. Coherent

Save up to 30% on project cost and time

Single source of truth

Unify scattered business process diagrams and complex textual documents into one coherent document

Drive stakeholder engagement

Peck’s readable and dynamic format ensures everyone actually reads, understands and contributes to the project’s success

Fewer development iterations

By aligning all stakeholders you essentially break the never ending reject, redesign and redevelop cycle

Alignment between content

Designing a system today is complete chaos.
You have multiple diagrams, textual documents, and spreadsheets. Even if they are somehow in the same folder, they are all disconnected and extremely prone to contradict one another. You cannot expect a successful outcome.

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By replacing generic tools with a dedicated and centralized platform, Peck boosts visibility, collaboration and knowledge reuse.
Everything is more efficient when you have all stakeholders aligned, whether internal, customers or contractors.

Projects don't meet time & budget


Native application

Peck will unify them in a single editor as a reliable source of truth that is easier to read, track and maintain.

When everything is in one place and in a native editor, we can do all sorts of things that were simply not possible.


Imagine yourself sending a document for approval and being able to track the reviewer’s engagement: “John only spent 9 seconds reviewing this complex chapter, would you like to gently ping him?

The possibilities are endless...

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